summer days.

i cannot believe that school starts in just a few weeks. summer has gone by so quickly, but i hate to say that i am not sad to see it go. summer is crazy – late nights, late mornings, no schedule, everyone coming and going – back to school means back to a schedule, and for this type A gal that makes me happy!

that’s not to say that we have not had a blast this summer! some of our favorite 2012 summer activities:

  • payson pool
  • baseball games (ady – fireballs) (treven – mutts, rockies, diamondbacks)
  • cousin fun
  • water parties with neighbor friends
  • treven’s first dirt bike
  • learning at central utah gardens
  • reading lot of books!
  • chore sticks
  • legos
  • city creek center
  • ady’s braces

registration for third grade (omg, third grade!!??) was august 01. treven was placed in mr. liberts class and ady has mr. lei. boy teachers…we will see how that goes.



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