i have always wanted to go to A1. it is the most exciting race. everyone is healthy and the race is so unpredictable. aaron and i decided to check out dates to see what races we would be able to make it to this year, and as luck would have it, A1 was a weekend i didn’t work! we quickly bought tickets and planned to fly there. we flew out friday and back sunday – it was a quick trip, but one of my favorite! we spent saturday morning in huntington beach. eating jamba juice oatmeal and wandering the pier. watching surfers and feeling the warm sun. with the bitterly cold winter we are having, the sunshine felt so good on my skin! after wandering the shops along main street, we headed to the car and were on our way to anaheim. the angels stadium was packed with supercross fans! we visited the pits, loaded up with stickers and posters to bring home to treven and ady and then headed into the stadium to wait for opening ceremonies. it was freezing cold! but i must say, it was one of my favorite races. i love when the humble guys win and A1 did not disappoint. all three who made the podium deserved to be there. 

sunday morning, i picked oranges from grandpa winn’s tree and sat outside. 

aaron and i caught our flight home and we are back to the grind. this month is already filling up with activity! treven and ady turn 9 – that is amazing to me! they are such little sweethearts, i cannot believe how grown up they are.


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