survival bracelets

i saw the neatest bracelets at j.crew. i wanted one. but… they were so expensive.

so. I came home and after a few hours of ady and myself googling youtube videos, we made these little gems. aren’t they lovely.



favorite find


On the Ball Treesh

Oh, Kate Spade. 

I have been eyeing this bag for quite a while. But the 328.00$ price tag and the deal with husband (do-not-buy-any- more-bags) made me wait. Imagine my glee when I saw the sale on sale taking place at The bag was slashed from 328$ to 123$.

But the husband-deal aspect…put the brakes on buying this little love.

no more bags?

I gave it a few days and headed back to again. The bag was still there. Meant to be!

I texted husband and prayed. All turned out well… I just bought this pretty little thing. 

favorite find

When I was in Junior High, the school had a brilliant idea, they gave each of us weekly planners. I honestly think that I was the only one in my class that used the thing, but I fell in love.

As I grew up, I bought a lot of planners, Franklin Covey had just made it mainstream and that was the one I loved. I had (and still have in dusty basement boxes) so many of them! They were so cool ~ leather cover, snap or magnet closure, I was so ‘in love’!

The next big thing that came along were personal computers. The Palm Pilot probably rings a few bells. I had a Casio Cassiopeia.  It was the worst purchase ever. It always froze and then deleted every calendar event. Very frustrating. So, I headed back to my trusty three ring binder planner. Remember buying yearly inserts?

Along came Apple with the iPhone, iPad, and it revolutionized the way people plan their days. iCal makes it so easy to keep track of appointments and because of the cloud, it syncs to all devices. Very impressive. Very 2012.


I just cannot get on board with it, I just can’t. I like my pretty pens and my week laid out in front of me. I like scheduling my days: mornings, afternoons, evenings. I like making lists. I like having a place to jot down thoughts. I like to be able to pencil in events. I especially love that having a paper planner helps me keep a journal. It is neat to look back in my old planners and see what I had going on that day ~ not to mention the countless quotes, thoughts and scribbles that I made. Yes, I am a paper planner person!

Now that I am all grown up, (old), I needed a planner that was set up a certain way. I have to keep track of the lives of husband, twin A and twin B, not to mention my own schedule, goals and plans. I started my search and came across Erin Condren Life Planners. Finding this  amazing website has been one of my favorite finds!

This planner has it all! It has tons of room to write anything and everything you can think of! I ordered one of the life planners last year, and am waiting for my new one to come in the mail.

I cannot wait to see it!

Oh, did I mention you get to personalize it?

Erin has lots of covers to choose from, and you can change the colors, the fonts, etc. to really make it your own. My favorite new cover for this years planner is the ‘favorite things’ cover. For this cover, you type a list of your favorite things,then they put all of them right on the cover.

I told you, this planner is amazing!!

I just have to add one more reason to love I have purchased lots of iPad covers and have never found one that I liked. I love, love, love how all of Erin’s stuff looks, and guess what, she makes an iPad cover. It is called an iPad folio and it is fantastic! You get to personalize this one too, and I choose the same ‘favorite things’ cover. The folio is my favorite cover, in fact, husband has sold all my other covers on eBay!

And, another reason. She makes adorable address labels, iPhone covers, stationary, gift labels, note pads, invitations announcements, transfers photos to canvas… I could go on and on!

I am definitely glad that I found the amazing life planner. I cannot wait for my 2012-2013 to arrive in the mail. I keep checking the porch…can’t wait…any day now…

Check her out, you won’t be disappointed!