treven and ady are 9. it honestly does not feel like that much time has gone on, and yet it does. being pregnant was miserable, it’s surprising that i didn’t go completely nuts being on bed rest for so long. i don’t remember much about the delivery, only that the doctors were discussing fear factor, and then lots and lots of pain. the next thing i remember is waking up in a different room, my mom was there, and she had pictures of the peanuts who were upstairs in the nicu. those were hard days. it is amazing what you can go through; it taught me a lot about how much strength i had within myself. 

treven is my best mister man. i love his witty sarcasm. i love that he is a loner like me. i love that he likes sports and gets so into the games on television. i love when he plays catch with me, tackles someone in football, or catches a ball. he is very smart! he can build a huge lego set in a matter of hours. our basement is full of them. he loves james bond, baseball, football, wiiu, movies, and of course, legos. he has a tender little heart and tries hard to be nice to everyone. he is always opening the door for me, carrying groceries, or doing anything i need help with. he is an independent soul, and can basically take care of all his own needs now. i love t so much! i couldn’t have asked for better.

ady is a princess, in the truest sense of the word. she is so kind and considerate to other people. just a few weeks ago, she packed a huge lunch to take to school. she told us that she was taking all this food to give to her friends because she didn’t want anyone to be hungry. she is always making me cards and leaving me little notes and treats. i love our talks every night, where she tells me all about her worries. such a sweet child, she doesn’t like anyone saying mean things about her. so, we listened to a taylor swift song where the lyrics say “people throw rocks at things that shine”, i hope she remembers that when people “throw rocks”. she likes her alone time. she loves to read, read, read! she loves pretties and ellie. she passed off all of her times tables for the year (already!) she is always reading or listening to music on her kindle. her room is her haven. she has a cell phone in her room and she is always texting or calling people. i love my little pea.

out of the biggest trials, come the biggest blessings. that’s the truth! i went through hell to have those little ones, but they are what bring me the most joy and happiness in my life. i can honestly say that i listened to the spirit, they were supposed to be here, there is no doubt in my mind. 

i love them both. i am happy they are healthy and strong. i am happy they are in my home. i hope that i am making heavenly father happy with the things that i teach them. i hope they will always know that i would do anything for them, that they mean the absolute world to me.


i have always wanted to go to A1. it is the most exciting race. everyone is healthy and the race is so unpredictable. aaron and i decided to check out dates to see what races we would be able to make it to this year, and as luck would have it, A1 was a weekend i didn’t work! we quickly bought tickets and planned to fly there. we flew out friday and back sunday – it was a quick trip, but one of my favorite! we spent saturday morning in huntington beach. eating jamba juice oatmeal and wandering the pier. watching surfers and feeling the warm sun. with the bitterly cold winter we are having, the sunshine felt so good on my skin! after wandering the shops along main street, we headed to the car and were on our way to anaheim. the angels stadium was packed with supercross fans! we visited the pits, loaded up with stickers and posters to bring home to treven and ady and then headed into the stadium to wait for opening ceremonies. it was freezing cold! but i must say, it was one of my favorite races. i love when the humble guys win and A1 did not disappoint. all three who made the podium deserved to be there. 

sunday morning, i picked oranges from grandpa winn’s tree and sat outside. 

aaron and i caught our flight home and we are back to the grind. this month is already filling up with activity! treven and ady turn 9 – that is amazing to me! they are such little sweethearts, i cannot believe how grown up they are.

and now i’ll do what’s best for me

i cannot believe it is 2013.

there is so much to look forward too – so many wonderful things to accomplish. a new year is like sitting in front of an empty canvas – what to paint? what to add to this year to make it one of the best.

this year the twins will turn 9, aaron and i will celebrate five years of marriage. we will celebrate many holidays together and will continue to work to make our home a peaceful and joyful place ot be.

i want to read a lot of good books, visit a lot of fun places, finish my masters in public health and RN degree’s, keep teaching college and grow as a person.

i want to teach my kids so many things, especially to love themselves and others.

so here is to a new, fresh slate!

i love new beginnings!